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Joints go to work with every step we take. Get a closer look at what our joints do and how best to support them.
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Foods That May Help to Strengthen Bones & Muscles
Wondering what to eat for healthy bones & joints? Discover the top 10 foods with...
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12 Low Impact Exercises to Do In Your Backyard or Local Park
Pairing Osteo Bi-Flex® with backyard exercise ideas plus workouts to do at a park for...
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Your Simple 7-Day Workout Plan
Check out our 7 day at home workout routine including yoga poses and stretches to...
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Muscle Strengthening: How to Help My Joints ?
Strong muscles are important to healthy  joints. Learn how to strengthen joints to alleviate joint...
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Learn About The Health Benefits of Turmeric
Read this Osteo Bi-Flex article about turmeric, the many health benefits of the spice and...
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Health Benefits of Yoga and How It Can Help with Arthritis
Want to practice yoga to improve joint pain and arthritis? Learn more about what yoga...
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Summer Joint Nutrition and Hydration
Learn how to eat and drink healthily for the warm summer weather and protect your...
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Why Hiking Is A Great Exercise For Arthritis
From local parks to great locations, learn about hiking while living with arthritis.
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The Importance of Vitamins for Joint Health and Well-Being
Find out about supplements that support healthy joints*, with Osteo Bi-Flex®.