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Our products were designed to help improve joint comfort in 7 days.†* Explore the full line of Osteo Bi-Flex® joint supplements to help support your joint health.*
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3 Ingredients. 3 Benefits.
1 Pill Per Day.

Our first ever capsule features CurQfen® for a Healthy Inflammatory Response.*
Badge #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand 2022-2023 joint health U.S. News & World Report Pharmacy Times
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“I’ve been using Ease for over a year. I saw great improvement after a week. Now I take it daily..”
-- Becca
Loving the Osteo-bi flex with Turmeric
I'm loving the Osteo-bi flex with Turmeric. This formula seems to work the best with my body and active lifestyle
-- Cynthia
It Works
IT WORKS/HELPS tremendously…I can tell the difference if I miss a few days!!
-- Tammy