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Joints go to work with every step we take. Get a closer look at what our joints do and how best to support them.
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Are Supplements Necessary For Healthy Joints?
Why are supplements important? Find out why supplements are so great for your health with...
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How Long Should I Take Osteo Bi-Flex®
Looking to add Osteo Bi-Flex® to your daily routine, but wondering how long you can...
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7 Ways to Protect Your Joints This Fall
Learn lifestyle and physical techniques to help protect your joints.
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What is Joint Shield?
What is Joint Shield™? Click here to learn how Joint Shield helps improve joint comfort*...
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How to Get the Best Running Shoe for You
Finding the right running shoes can make all the difference on your joints. Click here...
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The Knee Joint
How does the knee and the joint work? Click here to find out how the...
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What Is Glucosamine
What is glucosamine? Find out what it is and more with this article by Osteo...
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Why Do I Need Vitamin D?
Why do I need vitamin D? There are many reasons why vitamin D is so...