7 Ways to Protect Your Joints This Fall

7 Ways to Protect Your Joints This Fall

Learn lifestyle and physical techniques to help protect your joints.

Fall is coming soon and the weather is about to start changing. While you might have plans with your kids or grandkids to go out and enjoy all that Fall has to offer, it is the perfect time of year to think about maintaining joint health with colder temperatures approaching. Sometimes, it just takes making a small shift in your routine to start feeling improved joint comfort and mobility. Simple day-to-day modifications can help protect your joints and help support your flexibility while providing overall joint support. Incorporate our strategies, along with the help of Osteo Bi-Flex® Ease mini tablets, to start feeling a difference in joint comfort in as little as 7 days, drug-free!†*

Maintain a healthy weight.

You’ve certainly heard the attributes of keeping a healthy weight, and losing unnecessary pounds is one of the best ways to alleviate stress on your joints. While the pumpkin pies and apple tarts are absolutely delicious, working toward a weight that suits your height and body type is a smart move especially this time of year. Here’s a fascinating fact that’s sure to garner some encouragement: For every pound shed, four pounds of pressure is taken off your knees. Studies also show that even a loss of just 11 pounds can help reduce your risk of joint issues in the knees by 50%! Meanwhile, being underweight decreases the support your joints need to work well. Talk to your doctor about a weight range that’s right for you.

Know your ABC’s.

Or in this case your vitamins and minerals. Incorporate nourishing foods into your diet that provide plenty of vitamin B, C, D and K; plus minerals, like calcium, which helps maintain bone density.* It also helps your body maintain muscle and allows your system to continue to run smoothly — all of which helps nourish your joints.* Find the best stuff in fresh fruits and veggies like oranges, figs, spinach, lettuces, broccoli, and kale. And get your calcium from dairy products like low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt. A healthy diet is part of an ideal way to take care of yourself, but certainly our lives can be busy — tucking away fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t always easy. With Osteo Bi-Flex® Ease, you can support your joint health with a single mini tablet each day.* It’s 80% smaller^ but just as effective. Ease packs in your daily dose of vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium for maintaining bone density.* Our products are scientifically designed with ingredients to help support your long-term joint health and joint comfort.*

Stand tall.

Or in most cases, sit tall. Your posture, in part, dictates how the rest of your body holds itself. And since one bone links to the next through your joints, slumping over a computer for example does not make for a happy body. Try envisioning a string holding you up from the top of your head to keep your head held above the neck and shoulders. Keeping your back straight and tucking your sit bones will also help improve your poise.

Find what works for you.

When trying a new supplement or different exercise routine, it’s important to talk to your doctor first about what’s best for you. We’re all different and not every activity is “one size fits all.” Be sure to take the very best care of your joints, and yourself on the whole. Because it’s the whole you that matters most.

Additional Joint Protection Techniques

In addition to lifestyle changes, small adjustments in how you move can help safeguard from occasional stress and discomfort. Consider weight lifting. You wouldn’t start out with a 100lb barbell on your first day. It’s important to be thoughtful for how your body moves. Finding fluidity in careful movements and avoiding rushing is a good first defense in protecting your joints. Here are a few specifics to integrate into your schedule.

Remember to move more.

Many of us spend much of our time behind a computer each day. You were Made to Move® and it’s important to make time for that. Do your best to get up, stretch and walk around a bit every 30 to 60 minutes to bring proper nutritional blood supply to your spine. Some smart devices can actually be programmed to remind you, but it can be as easy as setting a timer. The main focus is to avoid being stationary for too long. Your joints — and your body on the whole — need that kinetic energy to keep moving. If you’re feeling that afternoon slump, skip the coffee and take a walk around the block instead. Movement gets the blood flowing, while fresh air helps wake you up.

Go for a swim.

Swimming may very well be the definition of low-impact exercise. OK, there’s walking, yoga, pilates and cycling. But, taking a dip allows your body to move without impact while helping to build strength and maintain flexibility, plus increasing range of motion — all with aquatic exercises. Let the resistance of the water work for you: Start by simply walking in the shallow end of the pool. This low-impact route toward fitness is kind to your joints while providing numerous benefits.

Stretch away.

Before any kind of activity, even when you wake in the morning, give your body a good stretch. Stretching, similar to exercise, enlivens the muscles and gets the blood circulating. When your blood circulates, it brings synovial fluid (a natural nutrient generated within the body) to the joints. With a few easy stretches, you’re helping satisfy a craving for the joints. It’s a simple way to help protect them from misalignment in the body.

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