Top 7 Funny Dance Moves Youve Never Seen Before

Top 7 Funny Dance Moves Youve Never Seen Before

Discover our top 7 low-impact and funny dance ideas to keep the party going while supporting your joints* with Osteo Bi-Flex®.

It’s also wedding season. Which means dancing. Try these low-impact, simple (and funny) dance moves to strut your stuff!

1. The Two-Step: Arguably the simplest move on this list, the two-step involves simply dipping back and forth, side to side. What do you do with your arms? Well, you can swing them wildly (not recommended) or you sway them in-tune with the beat (highly recommended).

silhouette dance two step

2. The Bounce: You can mix in a light kick to go with the bounce to make it more rhythmic, however; just a light bend/bop at the knees is all you need to keep the rhythm. Protip: Try with most Hall & Oates songs.

silhouette dance bounce

3. The Lawnmower: Extend your arms and grab the fictional lawnmower handle. Grab that invisible chord. Pull it. Let that lawnmower lead your around the dance floor, looking side to side, mowing that imaginary lawn. No one is cooler than you.

4. The Shopping Cart: A slight variation on the aforementioned Lawnmower, the Shopping Cart entails holding the handles of the cart and steering it down fictional aisles of a supermarket, grabbing items off the shelves and looking pleased with oneself. Highly enjoyable!

5. The Sprinkler: Both variations of this sock-hop classic are absolute fire on the dance floor. Whether you’re waving your arms above your head, or patting the top of your head rapidly, mimicking a lawn sprinkler, you’ll be the king or queen of the dance floor.

silhouette dance sprinkler

6. The Thriller: Who could forget the legendary video of the same name? Well, the actual “Thriller” dance is easy to do, just stretch your hands out, bend at the elbow and pretend to be a monster and/or zombie.

silhouette dance thriller

7. The Roxbury: It’s as simple as bobbing your head to the side, “feeling” the beat of the song!

With these dance moves and the support of Osteo Bi-Flex®, you should be ready to tackle the dance floor!* Get out there and shake it, you were made to move!

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