What is Boswellia serrata & What Dosage Should I Take?

What is Boswellia serrata & What Dosage Should I Take?


Helping you live your best life through joint and mobility support is our mission.* That’s why we’ve meticulously searched the globe for the most effective ingredients to help maintain your joint function.* Consider it nurturing through the herbal goodness found in nature.

Joint Shield 5-Loxin Advanced®, the powerful ingredient in some of our most mighty joint products, is created from the resin of the Boswellia serrata herb. Sometimes referred to as Indian Frankincense, Boswellia serrata comes from the branching Boswellia tree native to Eastern India, northern Africa and the Middle East, and has been used to support healthy joint function for centuries.* Its medicinal uses were originally recorded in Ancient India in the first fundamental medical text, which dates back to 700 B.C. The uses from this herb became highly regarded during the height of the Roman and Indian civilizations and a valued medicinal quotient in Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu medicine.

Boswellia serrata is the species of plant, which stems (yes, pun intended) from the genus of the Boswellia tree. Of the 16 species under the Boswellia genus, serrata is the one mainly used in medicine.

What is Boswellia used for?

If you’re ever stuck on a crossword puzzle clue for a 10-letter word for the study of trees, be sure to fill in D-E-N-D-R-O-L-O-G-Y. From the Ancient Greek, dendron meaning “tree,” is the branch of botany that specializes in wooded trees. Herbalism, meanwhile, is the study of wellness uses from all plants, trees included.

These focuses, plus centuries of ancient wellness practices, have helped lead to a scientifically designed ingredient in many of our products. Osteo Bi-Flex® Triple Strength,Triple Strength with MSM and Osteo Bi-Flex® One Per Day contain an extract from the Boswellia serrata to create an active ingredient, Joint Shield 5-Loxin Advanced®. We use the resin of this herb as a way to help soothe joints and provide joint support.* It’s part of our drug-free way to help improve joint comfort in just 7 days.*†

The uses of Boswellia serrata are numerous and in ancient times, it was used for its beneficial wellness properties. Its aromatic resin was used in perfumes and incense. And Egyptian women even used it for cosmetic purposes — by grinding down to a fine powder, it was applied as eyeliner.

What Are the Benefits of Boswellia?

Such a robust ingredient pulls its weight in benefits. Inhibiting the growth of enzymes that can have negative effects, Boswellia serrata contains a potent acid called AKBA — a compound credited with obstructing those degenerative enzymes and supporting the integrity of your joints, by targeting against breaking down cartilage. Cartilage, found on the surface of your joints, is what allows your bones to move smoothly. Walking, dancing, even getting out of bed require your bones, muscles and joints to work together in order for you to move the way you intend. It has the twin function of heating and cooling simultaneously, entering at the cellular level to bring blood flow to the joints while breaking up scar tissue that prohibit one from moving freely. In studies Boswellia serrata has shown positive effects, particularly within the knee. Compared to a placebo, improvement in joint comfort and function shined through. For those seeking additional support for their joints, Osteo Bi-Flex® offers products that include Joint Shield 5-Loxin Advanced® which contains the resin that helps to improve, support and maintain joint comfort.*

Browse our products to locate what works best with your lifestyle. Depending on which supplement you choose, taking just one or two pills per day can help you realize that you are certainly Made to Move.* And you know the routine, always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement. Joint support supplements help maintain and nurture your joints and Osteo Bi-Flex® has you covered.