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Feel the Difference with Osteo Bi-Flex

Feel the Difference
In as little as 7 days, you can begin to notice a difference in your joint comfort with Osteo Bi-Flex®.*1

Each Osteo Bi-Flex® product contains Joint-Shield™, our proprietary blend that helps support joint function.*

Our Joint-Shield™ formula contains an herbal ingredient called 5-loxin, which helps with occasional joint flare-ups.* In a recent study where individuals rated their joint health over time, they noticed a difference within 7 days of taking Osteo Bi-Flex®. With continued use, the individuals saw increased improvement over the 90 day period.

Start your joint health program today with Osteo Bi-Flex®, the #1 pharmacist recommended brand!^ With continued use, you will notice a difference in joint-comfort!* Osteo Bi-Flex® helps nurture and support your joints, so you can keep doing what you love!*

1 Based on two human studies with 5-Loxin® Advanced where subjects rated their joint health over time, subjects’ joint health improved within 7 days, and continued to improve throughout the duration of the studies.

^ Based on the results of the Pharmacy Times Survey among pharmacists who recommend a “bone/joint strengthener” dietary supplement, 2014-2015.

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Lifestyle, exercise and the supplements you take can all impact the way your joints feel.

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